Win At All Costs

Olympic Medal Count

IOC bans Russian athletes in Olympics

“Win at all costs.” Those are the words that are said to have influenced Russia while creating its hugely disapproved doping program. Russia did in fact win, during the 2012 Olympic Games. Now, however, come the costs. Earlier this week the International Olympics Committee announced their banning of the entire country of Russia from the summer games. Today, they have backed away and banned most of the country’s competitors. Regardless of these developments, Russia has been punished in a serious showing of non-tolerance by the IOC. Having developed a massive doping conspiracy, Russia seems to have easily deserved it. In my opinion, all of the medals that were awarded to the country in the previous games should have been revoked immediately following the confirmation of the allegations. This story is even more amazing when you consider the fact that Russia only finished third in the medal count, despite their massive doping operation.

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